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The HDMI cable of IbraOnline has extended durability for metal shell casing which is permanently welded and sealed by laser to ensure safety while using. The corrosion free connection helps to transmit the clearest, ultra HD audio and video experience so far.

We are the most trusted supplier of HDMI 2.0 cable. You will get genuine, authentic and high speed hdmi cable 4k that will help you to do your work in lighting speed.

What is the HDMI cable?

For that, we must know the meaning of HDMI which is the abbreviation of High definition Multimedia Interface. It is a high-quality interface to transmit uncompressed video data and compressed digital audio data. Though initially, people were using the same cable that they use for analog video and audio, later they have developed the high speed standard HDMI cables to get a better result.

All of our premium high speed hdmi cables support 3D, 4D, Ethernet and ARC (Audio Return Channel). You can use them for ultra hd Blu Ray players, video game consoles, Apple TV, Fire TV, PS3, PS4, Xbox, computers, and different other HDMI enabled devices and gadgets. Moreover, you don’t need to separate Ethernet cables to share the internet among multiple devices as you can do it with the high speed HDMI cable. It will support bandwidth up to 18Gbps and less. It will ensure no loss of video and audio quality while transmitting through it.

What are the communication channels of HDMI Cable?

Generally, the HDMI has three separate communication channels and two additional by HDMI 1.4.

  • Display Data Channel
  • Transition Minimized Differential Signaling
  • Consumer Electronics Control
  • Audio Return Channel
  • HDMI Ethernet Channel

HDMI is the new age solution for an enhanced experience in the electronic medium. To get the best result ensure that the video output gadget must have 8 bit of sRGB color space per component and the audio output must implement baseline format uncompressed or Stereo PCM.

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